" The emergency funds awarded to me are making a night and day difference in every aspect of my life. To be able to work in the studio every day fills me with such joy and peace and hope for my future."

-Painter, upstate New York




In 1859, a group of compassionate artists and business leaders gathered to help working artists and their families in cases of emergency and financial need. Originally formed as the "Helpful Society," the group organized formally as the "Artists' Mutual Aid Society", and in 1925 changed its name to Artists' Fellowship, Inc. 

Through the conservative management of bequests and donations received, The Artists' Fellowship has steadily expanded its ability to help professional fine artists in times of emergency.

The Artists' Fellowship, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 charitable foundation that financially assists professional visual artists and their families in times of emergency, disability or bereavement. The Artists' Fellowship's Board of Trustees and Officers serve as volunteers in service to our community of artists. Assistance is given without expectation of repayment. One does not need to be a member of the Fellowship to receive assistance nor does membership in the Artists' Fellowship entitle one to assistance from the foundation. 

The Artists' Fellowship, Inc. has absolutely no affiliation with city, state, or federal programs or foundations that provide "Artist Fellowships."


“You have no idea of the tremendous relief you have brought from the nightmarish burden of not being able to continue working. To be able to turn the key in the lock in the studio each morning, sit down and begin mixing my palette for the day’s work is the most rewarding experience any man could hope for. Thank you one and all.”

– Painter, San Diego, CA